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TV Distortion Bundle Version History

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Changelog of all the versions of Plexus. We recommend you only download the latest current version. If you need any legacy versions for compatibility reasons, you can request them by contacting us.

Current Version:

Version: 2.7.2
Release Date: Dec 23 2021
Download: Mac Installer | Win Installer


  • TV Distortion Bundle 2.7.2

    Release Date: Dec 23 2021

    - Floating License Server Compatibility Update.

  • TV Distortion Bundle 2.7.1

    Release Date: Oct 18 2021

    - Fixed a version mismatch error issue.

  • TV Distortion Bundle 2.7.0

    Release Date: Aug 04 2021

    - MFR Support in After Effects.
    - Apple Silicon support for Premiere.

  • TV Distortion Bundle 2.6.0

    Release Date: Jun 07 2021

    - Resolved Issues in Premiere Pro.

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