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Comp Screenshot Keyboard Shortcut Instructions

If you're on a Mac, you can also create a nifty keyboard shortcut using the following instructions.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard.
  2. In the Keyboard pane, go to the "Shortcuts" section and navigate to "App Shortcuts" on the left.
  1. Now a window opens, and browse though the Applications folder to select Adobe After Effects CC 2017.app (Or any other version like CS6)
  2. IMPORTANT: In the Menu Title field, enter the exact phrase "Take Comp Screenshot" without any spaces or quotations. Remember, this is case-sensitive. If you enter this incorrectly, it won't work.
  3. Now, assign a keyboard shortcut in the next field. 'Cmd+Shift+5' is recommended.

What about Windows?

Right now, it is not possible to create a keyboard shortcut in Windows.

Download Comp Screenshot

(Mac & Windows 64 bit)