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Plexus 3 is Available Now!

The wait is over! Plexus 3 is available for purchase now. If you want to see the new features, check out the announcement or head over to the product page to download it now!

Special thanks for Simon Bronson who created this spectacular intro using all the new features of Plexus 3.
Here are some tutorials explaining the new features.

Object Panel

Object Panel greatly improves your workflow with Plexus.

Motion Blur

Now along with Depth of Field, you can add Motion Blur to create cinematic animations. You can use either comp settings or custom camera shutter values.

Sound Effector

A new Sound Effector Object let’s you sample a waveform from a sound layer in AE and apply it to vertex position or scale or color. You can also Echo the sampled waveform so that the sound is sampled over time.

Slicer Object

The Slicer Object let's you 'slice' through a mesh and create interesting visualizations. It works best with OBJ meshes and can be used very well along with the instance object.

Depth Map Culling

You can use a Depth Map exported by a 3D program or Buena Depth Cue to occlude pixels directly. It helps composite Plexus in 3D scenes with ease.

For a complete list of new features check out the announcement or head over to the product page.


Plexus 3 will be compatible with Adobe After Effects CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2015.3, CC 2017. Mac OS X 10.8 or later and Windows 7 and later versions are supported.


Plexus 3 is available for $249. We have an introductory 20% special discount until Jul 31 2016 ($199). You can upgrade to Plexus 3 from Plexus 2 for $99.99. If you're a Plexus v1 user, you can upgrade directly to Plexus 3 for $149.99. For more details check out the pricing.To get the upgrade pricing you will need an aescripts + aeplugins account with the same email as your original purchase. You can contact Aescripts Support for more information.