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Plexus OBJ Sequence Exporter For Cinema 4D Is Available For Free!

Good news! Plexus OBJ Sequence Exporter for Cinema4D is now a free download for everyone. When Plexus was released with support for OBJ File Sequences, I've decided to create this simple utility to help users export OBJ sequences from Cinema 4D into Plexus. Later on, many users were using it to export OBJ Sequences to other programs and plug-ins.

But, OBJ files are tricky in the sense that their implementations are arbitrary. They're just text files with little standardization and cause numerous compatibility issues among multiple programs. Each program has it's own way of interpreting OBJ files and there is no way to support them all. For example, a valid OBJ file in Plexus might be invalid in Form and partially valid in Element and totally useless in some other application. I've been getting numerous support issues related to other programs' interpretation of OBJ file sequences and it is not possible for me to address them.

In conclusion, this exporter is designed to work with Plexus and will always be supported for that purpose. If you want to use it with other plug-ins/applications you're free to do so. If it doesn't work with other plug-ins/applications please contact the publisher of that program for a solution. But, if you're facing issues with OBJ sequences in Plexus, please do let us know.

Download Plexus OBJ Exporter for Cinema 4D →