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Introducing Fast Bokeh Pro For After Effects

A few months ago, we released Fast Bokeh for After Effects, which became very popular. With that popularity came a lot of feedback, feature requests and most importantly support emails. Quite a lot of users found it very useful and requested more convenience features like easier focus point selection and higher quality aperture blur. In order to develop those new features and also provide support to users we decided to make Fast Bokeh a fully featured paid plug-in. So we're excited to announce Fast Bokeh Pro! Please note that the existing features will continue to be free and only the new features require a license key registration.

So What's New in Pro?

Spherical Bokeh Blur: While the Gaussian Bokeh Blur is pretty good and super fast, Spherical Bokeh Blur is far more realistic and visually appealing. Also, the new Spherical Bokeh Blur is almost as performant as the Gaussian one while providing beautiful results.

Focus Point Param: Instead of manually entering focus depth values, users can now use a point parameter to click the region directly.

Even with the addition of these new features Fast Bokeh still satisfies the following requirements.

  1. Very fast and blur radius independent.
  2. Handles edges properly.

The new Spherical Aperture Bokeh Blur is also radius independent and only dependent on the image size, NOT the amount of blur being applied.

Next, all the edges are handled as expected within reasonable limits i.e. pixels are spread out of the object boundaries like a real DoF filter should and no hard edges and halos.

The UI is very simple and only has a few params and they're straightforward.

Important Note: Non-Pro features continue to be free. 'Pro' features and require the plug-in to be registered with a license key. If the plug-in isn't registered and you're using the 'Pro' features, a watermark is rendered. If you're not using 'Pro' features a watermark is NOT rendered.

Fast Bokeh Pro for After Effects →