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Butterflies & Nature

Natural Process

Little Sines is a lovely illustrated animation by Matt Pitt that uses Plexus to create those abstract looking butterflies. I was very surprised when I first read they've used Plexus to create 'Butterflies'. I didn't even for once, think someone would create Butterflies using Plexus, but that just confirms that different people use the same set of tools to achieve very different results. It all depends on the artist, not the medium or tools.

https://www.rowbyte.com/natural_process.jpg alt: Natural Process width: 600 height: 337

Natural Process is an inspirational new video created by Reino Studio which experiments with Plexus to create a very unique piece which explores nature and its inexhaustible source of inspiration. I also love the Aristotle's quote at the end.

You can watch the both the videos below.

NATURAL PROCESS from Reino Studio on Vimeo.

You can find more info about the Little Sines animation at Loop Recordings