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Adobe CC 2017 Compatibility [Updated]

Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 edition is out for a few months already and all our plug-ins are fully compatible. You can download the latest installers from here.

» Plexus 3 Installer (Win/Mac)
» TV Distortion Bundle Installer (Win/Mac)
» Buena Depth Cue Installer (Win/Mac)

Legacy versions, such as Plexus 2 are NOT compatible with CC 2017 and above anymore due to API changes. After Effects has been going major API changes in recent versions and it's no longer possible to maintain older legacy versions of Plexus.

Hence, we strongly recommend you to upgrade to Plexus 3 which is designed from the ground up for AE's new architecture and also utilize all the new APIs introduced in After Effects to get much better performance.

If you're a Plexus v2/Plexus v1 user and want to upgrade to Plexus 3, make sure to checkout the discounted upgrade pricing.


A few users emailed us asking a few questions as to why Plexus 2 is no longer supported, so here is some more info.

Plexus 2 was released when AE was still at CS5.5. (2012). It was supported through CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2015.3 for more than four years. Starting CC 2015 AE APIs started changing significantly and it’s no longer possible to maintain two versions of the same plug-in. Like any software, in comes the new - out goes the old. If one is still reluctant to upgrade they can always install an older version of AE and install Plexus 2 which is definitely not recommended.

Please note that we still sell perpetual licenses and try to convince our users to upgrade with new features instead of forcing subscriptions.

Updated: Sep 12 2018